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Hypnosis is a Pure tie-in to yoga to the fact It Will help you to achieve deeper levels of Comfort Throughout your yoga practice,


Meditation has been around for thousands of years, as has self-hypnosis, as a tool for deep relaxation, clearing the mind and achieving a state of inner peace.

Self Hypnosis for Self Healing

There are plenty of myths about hypnosis due to what we see on point, somebody eating an onion believing it is an apple, or blanking out and losing management.With self-hypnosis, you’re constantly. And you may use your brain to browse your own ideas and feelings and create results in your own life. Self Hypnosis provides you the resources to utilize engage your emotional power and energy up your daily life, health, success, and happiness.

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883 McDowell Street
Nashville, TN 37211


883 McDowell Street
Nashville, TN 37211


Teaching Yoga and Hypnosis
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883 McDowell Street
Nashville, TN 37211


883 McDowell Street
Nashville, TN 37211


883 McDowell Street
Nashville, TN 37211


We are 100% sure that you will experience a better lifestyle with our courses.

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Your Website is a valuable and comprehensive resource for Everybody but Particularly for Hypnotherapists, for Example, myself just starting out in this Excellent profession.

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I wish to thank you for your warm welcome. I’m rather enthusiastic about this new find! I’m only about a year for a hypnotist and had been trying to branch out a little bit from weight reduction and smoking. This is an Excellent new start for me.

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Can Hypnosis Change the Eye Color of a Person?

A standout amongst the most mainstream but still a surprising request a hypnosis specialist frequently faces is whether hypnosis can be utilized for eye color change. For a considerable lot of us we see eye color as something we are born with and acknowledge beyond a shadow of a doubt. Notwithstanding, there are an astounding number of individuals out there who might want to encounter an eye color change either on the grounds that they are really troubled with the color they were born with or are interested in how they would look with an alternate color.


Most children have blue eyes as melanin does not begin spreading until after birth and it can be the length of three years previously the changeless coloring is built up. Eye shading can seem to change contingent upon the light and this is on the grounds that our irises have two layers, with one layer having almost no melanin display.

Technical explanation:

The amount of light going through the iris can influence its shading. The oblivious personality manages every one of the parts of our being we are not deliberately mindful of or have conscious control over. A case of this would lift up a container and convey it to your mouth. Presently you haven’t deliberately worked out the mechanics of how your muscles will play out this assignment or what your mouth should do when it achieves your lips. It is oblivious, programmed conduct. The same goes for your breathing, you don’t need to be aware of how you do it as your subconscious mind deals with it.

How does it work?

The eye coloring change is ordinarily accomplished either on a one on one premise with a subliminal specialist who knows about the procedure or by obtaining a sound program which takes you through the procedure step by step.

There are different techniques for eye color change that include laser treatment, and there are contemplations to consider while seeking after this course. Importantly, the high cost contrasted with hypnosis and furthermore the dangers included.

Hypnosis is a natural technique to impact eye coloring change, no medications, eventual outcome or other obtrusive surgery.


Everyone is distinct. A considerable measure relies upon how emphatically your conviction is that it is possible. As clarified over, the subliminal personality must be compatible with the proposals made by the hypnosis specialist and be interested in the likelihood. There are a few factors to examine; the person’s present enthusiastic express, nature and to what extent they spend under hypnosis. So it might require less or greater investment to see a change, contingent upon the level of focus and the responsiveness of the individual experiencing the spellbinding. An absence of confidence in the process could impact the result. A few people may not see any progressions whatsoever.

Subliminal Messages: Do they Really Work? Find out Today

Recently a lot of confusions arose as to what is the difference between subliminal message and subliminal hypnotism. In most cases, they are used interchangeably. Once people start using the terms interchangeably, forget about the aftermath of these healing sessions, the terms and the techniques themselves didn’t work as expected. Subliminal messaging can be called as a counterpart to subliminal hypnosis, but they aren’t the same. In the recent times, people are in need of both subliminal messages as well as subliminal hypnosis. So if they do not understand the terms, they will never be able to figure out which will help them better. So let’s draw the line of difference between the two terms, before getting to know whether subliminal messages work or not.

Subliminal Messages

Messages vs. Hypnosis:

  • If you ask, the first difference that I would possibly draw between the two then hypnosis is more personal, but messages aren’t so. While most people argue that there are hypnotic audios as well, they aren’t aiming at hypnosis in the first place. So I don’t think the argument would hold water.
  • The next thing is that hypnosis involved the past of the person. The hypnotist recreates the same situation in the person’s head and breaks the emotion that he has been carrying a long time. Messages aren’t anything like that. I agree that they can emotionally disturb you and bring about changes that you might look for, but it doesn’t bring in your past as effectively as hypnosis does.
  • Both aim at reforming the person in the positive sense. While this being their aim, hypnotism can have both positive and negative consequences and in the cases of a subliminal message it can either go useless or bring in a sign of affirmation.

We are indebted to let you know why a subliminal hypnosis can fail.

It is imperative that you understand how a human brain works while in the process of hypnotism. Most of us do not know that our brain will know before being hypnotized. If the brain begins working on looking for answers like ‘Why’ and ‘How,’ it might get stuck in a vicious circle of interrogation and might fail to leave that state despite the hypnotist or the psychiatrist trying to pull you back to reality.  In such cases, the brain might leave that situation until it wants to or until it gets the answer, it’s been looking for.

So why is that risky? It is because the brain is caught in a situation where it is going through a dual command mode. It got into a state of unconsciousness because of the hypnotist, but in that state of fiction, it is following the directions as given by self. This can lead to complications as in losing the ability to get back to the reality or getting back conscious.


We are not here to choose one over the other or state which one is better. However, at the same time, we earnestly recommend that you try subliminal message before getting to subliminal hypnotism. As we stated earlier, it can either work affirmatively or fail to create an influence, but will not negatively influence at least like hypnotism.

Say No To Peer Pressure With Positive Affirmations

Do you find yourself giving into prompts and urges from your peers? And does this guide engaging in certain activities you don’t feel proud to do or would do on your own accord or doing some things? If your answer is yes, then you’re a certified slave. And this, no matter how popular it makes you one of your circle of friends, has got to stop.

You can affect in many ways. At first, they may pressure you to do things that don’t have any effect. But the more you become enslaved by it, the more damaging, and the power other people have over you the ramifications of this is.

So before you find yourself doing something you’re sure to repent, you should do something to get out from under the spell of your peers. And the good news is affirmations will help make this change simple for you.

1. Evaluate your circle of friends. Taking after the people is a normal reaction in ourselves. It is in our nature. Each individual sends vibrations that form from their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and disposition off, and these vibrations somehow get consumed by our subconscious minds. That is why we are vulnerable to peer pressure, and sometimes without knowing it.

Therefore, if you spend a whole lot of time with those who have habits and beliefs, you also become a slave to customs subconsciously and these beliefs. The first thing you have to do is to assess whether you are spending time with those who have a effect on your mind. If not, then it would be best for you to think about if your circle of friends needs to be changed. Then those are the habits your subconscious will get used to, if you spend some time with positive people who have habits.

2. Exert your independence. When they’re just going with the flow, some folks subliminal hypnosis feel safe and comfortable. This is usually what happens when the person is afraid of not belonging to some group or is not confident enough to be his own person. So if you don’t want to become a slave to peer pressure anymore, you have to:

• Remove negative thoughts

• Believe in your ability to make wise decisions for yourself

• Give your self confidence a boost

On positive affirmations, you can depend for these changes. These are messages that may convince your subconscious of anything you would like it to believe in. You can tell your subconscious These messages:

I’m capable of making my own decisions.

I am independent.

I’m confident about myself.

I make wise decisions for myself.

I choose my activities.

As soon as your subconscious believes in these messages, it will begin working towards making them a reality what’s real and as it won’t tolerate any discrepancy between its beliefs. You can therefore free yourself from peer pressure and make yourself independent and confident in making your own decisions.

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