Recently a lot of confusions arose as to what is the difference between subliminal message and subliminal hypnotism. In most cases, they are used interchangeably. Once people start using the terms interchangeably, forget about the aftermath of these healing sessions, the terms and the techniques themselves didn’t work as expected. Subliminal messaging can be called as a counterpart to subliminal hypnosis, but they aren’t the same. In the recent times, people are in need of both subliminal messages as well as subliminal hypnosis. So if they do not understand the terms, they will never be able to figure out which will help them better. So let’s draw the line of difference between the two terms, before getting to know whether subliminal messages work or not.

Subliminal Messages

Messages vs. Hypnosis:

  • If you ask, the first difference that I would possibly draw between the two then hypnosis is more personal, but messages aren’t so. While most people argue that there are hypnotic audios as well, they aren’t aiming at hypnosis in the first place. So I don’t think the argument would hold water.
  • The next thing is that hypnosis involved the past of the person. The hypnotist recreates the same situation in the person’s head and breaks the emotion that he has been carrying a long time. Messages aren’t anything like that. I agree that they can emotionally disturb you and bring about changes that you might look for, but it doesn’t bring in your past as effectively as hypnosis does.
  • Both aim at reforming the person in the positive sense. While this being their aim, hypnotism can have both positive and negative consequences and in the cases of a subliminal message it can either go useless or bring in a sign of affirmation.

We are indebted to let you know why a subliminal hypnosis can fail.

It is imperative that you understand how a human brain works while in the process of hypnotism. Most of us do not know that our brain will know before being hypnotized. If the brain begins working on looking for answers like ‘Why’ and ‘How,’ it might get stuck in a vicious circle of interrogation and might fail to leave that state despite the hypnotist or the psychiatrist trying to pull you back to reality.  In such cases, the brain might leave that situation until it wants to or until it gets the answer, it’s been looking for.

So why is that risky? It is because the brain is caught in a situation where it is going through a dual command mode. It got into a state of unconsciousness because of the hypnotist, but in that state of fiction, it is following the directions as given by self. This can lead to complications as in losing the ability to get back to the reality or getting back conscious.


We are not here to choose one over the other or state which one is better. However, at the same time, we earnestly recommend that you try subliminal message before getting to subliminal hypnotism. As we stated earlier, it can either work affirmatively or fail to create an influence, but will not negatively influence at least like hypnotism.