Good / Bad Hypnosis Subjects

So, can they all be hypnotized? Are there good and bad subjects? The answer is no and yes. I was trained that anyone with an IQ of seventy and over can be hypnotized if she wants to be. I worked with boys and the elderly and I even worked with children, children react very well to hypnosis. They usually fall like a rock – works well. More …

If a person is afraid of what you are going to do or a misunderstanding of hypnosis, this will not allow that to happen. If they do not know that you are about to hypnotize them, it probably will not work, they will look at you and ask you what you are doing. Some people have the mile-minute syndrome. They think and think to think of something. I had two of these only last week! If a person a thousand minutes follows my simple instructions, the whole process works very well. If there is none, there is not much I can do. When they think it’s like interrupting me while I talk to them, they think about my verbiage and do not listen to it. My instructions for each customer are very simple. “Do not think, do not try, and when I ask you questions, I do not think of the answer, I want the first thought, the first impression that comes to mind when I ask the answer, which is the whole Process, if I asked you what your favorite color is and you are the blown kangaroo, the kangaroo would be your first thought, the kangaroo is the right answer. ”

So what can happen in the end is sometimes that a mile-a-minute customer is in deep hypnosis, but how do you plan for a regression and on the last number … they see nothing or go anywhere. “Are you inside or outside?” They might say, “I think I’m inside.” I told you not to think! Or they might say, “I do not see anything.” Many people will think when you give them instructions. “In a moment, I raise my arm and drop it, and if you fall, you will be six years old and will fall.” As you give these instructions they will go through old photographs in their minds to remember how they looked or try to remember where they were when they were six years old. Of course, the regression failed because they activated their consciousness.

Sometimes people have to learn to relax. I often give self-hypnosis CDs to clients who have this mile-minute syndrome and tell them they have to come back after hearing it for a week. Most of the time, they come back and go into deep hypnosis, they stop thinking about everything and we get the job done. I want to talk with the level of feeling, not the analytical mind. I want them to respond to feelings, intuition or the idea of ​​using their sixth sense. I find that older people tend not to listen to instructions, especially older men. I have also worked with people ADD (ADHD) and for them it is actually not lack of attention, it’s just that all the noises and distractions they encounter with the same attention. These things can be overcome and greatly improved when they are ready to do the job and when they are ready to do what you tell them to do. Some people just can not follow the instructions. For the most part, it is a very small percentage of people and I have only failed once when I try to hypnotize a particular person several times. Almost everyone can be hypnotized at all, but once in hypnosis, it is a matter of knowing when they follow the directions from this point and keep their minds stable.

In general, hypnosis is an excellent tool for the masses. Young and old, children and adults, most can benefit from this buried treasure called hypnosis. If they really want the change they come to me, if they can follow simple instructions and do not think about the answer before answering, hypnotherapy is amazing for healing or helping most people.

Author Tim Bartley
Excerpt from Tim Bartley’s book Hypno Healing