When you are over forty it really is much more difficult to drop those extra pounds. Add to that a thyroid problem that slows your ability to lose weight, even though you lower your calorie intake and up your exercise quotient, and you have a real problem. It’s called fat.
Let’s not get too down and out however. While I consider myself in decent shape ‘for my age’, ‘after two kids’— I am still just not satisfied with how I feel about my shape.
So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to do something very different for me. I went to visit a nutritionist who is also a hypnotist – and thus I began my experiment in weight loss and hypnosis.

First of all let me share the Wikipedia definition of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a wakeful state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility. It may bring about alterations in perception, sensation, emotion, thought, or behavior. I am hoping for all of the above!

I went to my hypnosis appointment feeling very positive, and believing that I would give it my best shot. after all it is not cheap. $350.00 for the first 90 minute session. There are many less expensive “hypnosis for weight loss programs” out there, but I believe that seeing someone with a background in nutrition will be much more beneficial to me.

When i arrived for my appointment I was extremely pleased to see that my ‘hypnotist’ looked a lot like Matthew MC c
Conehey -the gorgeous actor. Yes ladies, it was lovely.

However, being married to a wonderful guy, that was not the best thing. The best thing was seeing that this man truly lives a healthy lifestyle and really wants his clients to embrace healthy habits to live better lives.
He explained to me why eating healthy foods is so important to our every day life.;how food can effect your sleep, your mood, and your attitude.

I had filled out a very long form that asked all sorts of questions about how i best respond to various situations. after reviewing this form with me my hypno-nutritionist was able to explain that he would use words in our session that would help me to visualize my weight loss. since I am a creative person this would be the best way to suggest new behaviors to my inner mind.

One thing that I kept thinking during this conversation was that I felt that the hypnosis actually began before he started the ‘session’. I am not sure why, but I believe it was the tone of his voice, the movements of his hands, his posture and his focus on me that made me feel this. I intend to ask him at some point.

The actual session was much as you would expect. Relaxed posture, soft voice suggesting to me how I Will no longer crave certain foods, how I will make healthy choices that honor my body, I will stop eating when I am full, and I will drink more water and eat more fruit and veggies.

This lasted about 40 minutes. During that time I sometimes felt self-conscious, and sometimes quite relaxed. By the end I felt I had to suppress a smile. I really did feel wonderful. Wonderful was a word he used often.

As i walked down he street after my first session I felt really happy and motivated. I also felt unsure of whether or not this would really work for me.

It has now been about10 days since my appointment. In my next article I will update you on my progress and my thoughts about my experiment in hypnosis and weight loss.